REC Whitney Recap: Love, Drugs, and Bobby Brown’s Side of the Story


On January 17th, 2015 life time premiered the life story of Whitney Houston. All though the movie was very thought provoking, it held a very strong message as far as drug addiction and the form of it’s abuse. Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston were even portrayed as a couple addicted to their selves. It held a sad story line along with showcasing how much of a strong talent Whitney Houston held and how much of a downward spiral she encountered through her drug abuse. In our opinion we believe that Angela Basset accomplished showing the world a microscopic view of their relationship. Many things were revealed that some of us may not have had any clue of. For instance, Whitney Houston’s brother was her drug provider before Bobby Brown. Hopefully people who may have a drug addiction problem, have watched this movie and have received a grand wake up call.

We will always love and admire Whitney Houston. S.I.P.

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