Ratchet Chick Alert: Nicki Minaj TRIES 2 COME 4 Mariah Carey!!!!!

So, while the American Idol auditions are taping, Nicki Minaj seems to have a “Baby Diva” moment on Mariah Carey – The “Mega Diva” and tries to come for her. In the video, Nicki goes on one of her “Krusty the Clown” rants claiming “people got her f*cked up” and demands some immediate respect. As expected, Mariah responds to little Nicki in a classy manner of course, latter tweeting: “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”.

I feel your pain Mariah. Why did they let this circus clown out the cage. SMDH!

For this Nicki, you get the Ratchet Chick Of The Day Award.

3 thoughts on “Ratchet Chick Alert: Nicki Minaj TRIES 2 COME 4 Mariah Carey!!!!!

  1. Nikki is just letting people know that she is from the streets and she will never change. And two people with big egos cannot be in the same room.

  2. Bah, I despise the machine that is AI (Am Idol), and the fact they stooped so low to have Nikki Minaj as a judge, she can hardly judge her own appearance given her need to be a hood lady gaga….its not cute..plenty of people are from the streets and will never change but at least have some class about it…oh and news flash…Making 2 CD’s (actually just one and adding some songs on it) and some features, endorsements and shows DOESNT necessarily mean you have the artistic fortitude to assist up and comers, nor does it mean your an artist at all. Mariah at least has a DISCOGRAPHY. Change the channel.

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