“Kalenna Couture” By S. Whittaker/R.E.C.

Kalenna Couture by S. Whittaker/R.E.C.

Reign Entertainment Co. Presents: “Kalenna Couture”

Couture Fresh. Refreshing Art by S. Whittaker. Catch up with the recent line. Bold. Authentic. Creative. Couturish. Let Go Your Mind. New Wall, New Deck, New Bar, New Bedroom Design, Dope Living Room Art, Covered with the Panama Artist + Brooklyn Native Style. “S. Whittaker Paintings”. Today We Feature “Kalenna Couture”.

Kalenna is a former artist from the group “Diddy Dirty Money”. “After briefly conversing with her about being featured on R.E.C.’s Blog, I felt her humble, kind, spunky personality. She was cool and dope about it”. Says, S. Whittaker. “I immediately felt these colors: the gold, the red for bold, the green for money, the black and white for the fashion, the empire, the talent, verses her lyrical talent. I felt couture, I felt Qui Qui in French. I felt overseas with a whole bit of New York”.

Kalenna is now working on her independent artistry! Earlier this year she dropped the “Chamber of Diaries” Mixtape. It was different with an organized erratic style in a good way, rock, DGAF way. Stated by Robyn, “Your Lyrics are very Raw and Straight to the Point”. Different titles like, “Pain and Alcohol” to “6000 Sisters” Kalenna is obviously trying to stand out down to her titles alone. It’s a blessing to have a platform from the group “Diddy Dirty Money”. “From your song lyrics to your music videos, you truly epitomize self-expression”.

We wish you the Best Kalenna and may you flourish the industry with new dope music. Go Get Em Girl!

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