& The Best Female Rapper Is?

OK! This question is pretty simple but is the answer that hard? Or is it not!?! Well… R.E.C. Blog would like to know which female rapper has done it the best & shut it down with their lyrical content?  Nicki Minaj is flaring the charts & bickering with Hot 97. Are you serious? On June 4th, 2012 she had Flex sweating behind his mic. “Hardcore”? Yet Lil Kim, Ms. Brooklyn Stand Up, Hard as Hell is stressing over Nicki Minaj.  Foxy Shivering of Crack & Eve trying to find a space in this game.  Lauryn Hill to R.E.C.’s knowledge, well maybe; Has Done the Damn Thing! Is Hip Hop for Females or Females for Hip Hop? Missy is Missing, did beats but not really.  All though her creativity was always dope! Then MC Lyte had common sense and Queen Latifah is a self made entrepreneur.  Hip Hop has opened the acting door for the Hip Hop Queen and she’s still rocking after the millenium. We can go on and on. Well R.E.C. Blog Visitor, get on the R.E.C. mic and let us know who you think did it best! Peace!

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