I guess that 4 Million dollar Ring Couldn’t keep Vanessa around too much longer. Kobe Bryant’s “cheating” has caused his wife Vanessa Bryant to leave him!

Earlier this afternoon, it was revealed that Vanessa Bryant, the wife of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, has filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.

Turns out, Vanessa, who is repped by Laura Wasser and attorney Samantha Klein, signed the divorce petition on December 1.

Kobe’s response was signed on December 7. Kobe is paying spousal support and has visitation with his daughters. SIDEBAR: Vanessa asked for joint custody of their daughters with Kobe having full visitation rights.

Also, the Bryants have released a joint statement saying they have “resolved all issues” privately, with the assistance of counsel.

Another Basketball Player makes a Wife Rich by Divorce & No Prenup!!!! Vanessa get’s half plus the Ring. Now that’s a stimulus package!

Let’s see how this turns out……

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