T.I. & Tiny Hot Black Love!

To showcase this kind of love & joyous “African American Family” on VH1 is the dopeness!
Displaying the aftermath of a struggle and getting back on track with family & love shows strength & dignity.  Many of our African American youth need to see these positive moments that celebrities may triumph into.  It’s not all glitz & glamor, No scratches or wounds, every one at any level may go through the same ups or downs & their strength helps them to get back on track.  At the end of it all, it’s how one deals with certain situations & learn to keep it back there while moving FWD.

So far REC is enjoying this show! It’s mad funny & it is clear to see that Tiny & T.I. are in a bond with unconditional love.  While “Major” (The 2’s youngest son) utters the cutest sentences ever while receiving discipline and T.I. sacrifices his work to make his children happy, these things are somewhat what the African American Generation today can lack in some circumstances.  This image is definitely needed with a dose of swag & funny ass jokes from the couple.  Do you admire Black Love and who’s your favorite Black Love Today?

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